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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Packing headache!

A few weeks ago I bought flights to Oslo for £5, the only catch being I can only take a hand luggage bag. At the time I thought it could be jokes but now I am actually rather concerned after seeing the size of my bag (check pictures below) and reading the November weather report (Average temperature -1c, Average low temperature -3c, Average snow fall days 9, Average sunshine hours 2) eekkk. I fly out on the 19th and fly back on the 22nd making me think the later you go the more likely it will be for snow! As well as booking flights to Oslo I got another flight for Stockholm in February where the weather is set to be more snowy, and a little colder....

... With limited packing space to say the least I am on the hunt for warm clothes that I can wear on the flight, and lots of layers to pack to keep my warm while away. This is actually going to be a challenge. I started today by trawling the shops all afternoon followed by a touch of online ogling and here are a few pieces I have on my shopping list!

Cable Over The Knee Socks £10 from TOPSHOP.

These will go perfectly over some opaque tights to add warmth with one of my wintry dresses. Plus they wont take much room in my little bag.

Knitted Chunky Stitch Cardigan £48 from TOPSHOP.

Not one for the case, this will be perfect for flying.

Waxed Duffle Coat With Quilted Lining £80 from ASOS.

I love this and not only will it keep my snugly warm but hopefully dry from any rain or snowfall.

Black Polar Bear Jumper £35 from Dorothy Perkins.

It may be too early to crack out my reindeer cardies but this polar bear jumper has got my in the wintry spirit, soo cute!

Black Super Skinny Jeans £25 from Dorothy Perkins.

These are the only jeans for me, they feel like leggings and fit perfectly plus they will look good with some chunky knitwear in the cold.

Leopard Print Earmuffs £2.99 from H&M.

These are such a bargain and will be easy to carry on my flights. Stylishly warm ears, yes please.

Flower Knit Headband £3.99 from New Look.

This is a cute alternative from a hat and will save the bad hat hair.

Pearl Trim Chunky Knit Beanie £5 from Matalan.

This is lovely and in case the head band is not enough will keep me nice a snug.

These essentials mixed with my current wardrobe will hopefully keep me snug in Oslo if I manage to wear and pack it all. Perhaps a little further shopping is in need. I'm pretty much envisioning a security alert as I look so dodgy with all my layers trundling through check in, or holding up airport security as I take my 8 layers off to go through the scanners. I have a feeling this could be one of my more interesting trips to date. Watch this space for a full report once I get back!