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Friday, 22 October 2010

Taking it to the max

It always happens, one thing in your make up bag runs out and everything else decides to at the same time. This happened to me recently and so I had to do a crazy little shop and buy virtually a whole new set of cosmetics which is always really nice as that first dip in a new mascara that only takes 2 minutes to apply rather then the 15 of trying to scrape the very last out of an old one is very satisfying. However I am a bit of a make up snob and really like to buy nice brands as I always feel the results are far better. I'm also one of those people that buys the same products again and again as I feel they are tried and tested and I won't be wasting my pennies, so i literally had a heart attack when I couldn't find my usual pieces. I ended up running all over town on an hour long expedition to try and get what I wanted.

Eventually I managed to track down my magic mascara much to my own relief. I have been using MasterpieceMAX mascara in Black by Maxfactor for the last few years and it is by far the best mascara for my lashes. It always gives them amazing length and volume and I never need to wear any other eye make up when I have this on. I love the brush and ease of use and even when you run it right down you still get amazing lashes. It costs around £9 and is so worth the pennies.

One crisis over the next one to figure out. Ever since receiving a sample at London Fashion week a few years back I can't actually live without Maxfactor Natural Minerals foundation. This foundation gives you a flawless finish and you only need a light dusting to give you full coverage meaning no accidental orange glows. The brush it comes with is so soft and even though you have to spend a little more it actually lasts for months. I think my record so far is about 8 months....amazing! The powder is loose also which means you never get to that point where it all crumbles and becomes unusable.

To my maximum annoyance I could not find it anywhere and so had to begin the search for what might be usable instead. After trawling the racks in about three different stores I settled on Maxfactor Creme Puff powder to use over a light concealer or foundation. I find it hard to use pressed powers as I think they can give a really powdery look and I really love my makeup to look natural. After a nervous walk home I tried it out straight away and now I am in love with it. My skin looks flawless which is never does, and the colouring is perfect for my skin tone. The power smells really nice and the although I use my own brushes to apply it, the little puff it comes with gives an amazing finish when used blend it down. I brought mine for around £8.

As much as I love Maxfactor I mix and match my makeup and get the best product for me. Next on the hit list was a nice new blusher. Mine was in a ridiculous state before hand. I always find it hard with blushers to get the right shade, they always end up too red, too pink, or a little too bronzed. On and off I have used Ruby and Millie cheek colour, colour stick. Its almost like a balm you apply to your cheeks and its so subtle that it just gives you that bit of colour you need. At £13 its quite pricey but worth the treat every now and then so I went for it.

The final thing on my hit list was a bit of highlighter for those cheeky nights out. Mine has been drying up for ages so while I was at it i decided to order some of my favourite, Jemma Kidd Dual Illuminator creme highlighter and shimmer dust. I first got my hands on this at London Fashion Week as a gift for helping at some shows and since then I have been addicted. Its gives my evening make up a little boost and makes my cheek bones pop. It is quite pricey at £18 but lasts a long time and gives the ultimate touch to any evening make up. Check out the Jemma Kidd make up school website for tips on how to use it.

After refilling my everyday essentials I decided to have a good clear out of my cosmetics. I have somehow managed to gain a whole chest of draws worth of beauty products and many of them needed to go. Boxes and boxes of eye shadows and nail polishes, old eyeliners and lipsticks. It felt so good to get rid of the old and make room for my next make up spree. There are so many amazing make up brands around that I have decided to try some new things out. Its easy to get stuck in one make up routine, especially when you fall in love with products like I have, so I am going to broaden my horizons and get product testing. Reviews will follow. If you only do one thing this weekend, have a good clear out of those cosmetics and get some new pieces in, it will make you feel amazing.