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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Art of the trench

Trench coats have gained in popularity since their roots in the war and are now considered a staple in the wardrobes of many. While recently giving presentations at university we were asked to name the one fashion item that we wish we had invented and the trench coat made repeated appearances. I personally love them as they are classic, simples and sexy. They make you feel like you have a little secret hiding underneath and that feeling is what makes them so magical. During our discussions we were drawn to an amazing website www.artofthetrench.com.

It is a collaboration between Burberry and some of the worlds leading image makers and they describe it as 'a living document of the trench coat and the people who wear it'. People can submit images of themselves in their trench coats and selected ones will be posted live on the site. As well as this there are specially commissioned Burberry portraits. It is essentially a Mecca of the trench coat. The images put the coat into context and really really are just so lovely. I have been obsessed with Burberry for a while as once you get past the chavvy knock offs in the markets around the UK you see the classic, feminine and tailored beauty of the brand. Here are a few of my favourite images but you should all pay a visit to this amazing site.

Just so Lovely.