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Monday, 1 November 2010

Fashions Night In

For those not paying attention Fashions Night In is happening right now. With just under 5 hours left to shop I am checking out the action.

*This is the first thing I found that I am tempted to buy.... Toy soldier cushions £20 from The Peanut Vendor. These are actually so cute, I am in love.

*Lily and Lionel are giving away a free bracelet with every order made before 8pm. Follow the link to shop www.lilyandlionel.com

*ASOS.com have just launched two new collections to get the party season started so go online to check it out.

*There is a Kate Moss exclusive from TOPSHOP.com. Dresses form her last ever Kate Moss for Topshop collection have gone on sale. I am loving this cape, though at £200 it is slightly on the pricey side.

Also loving this Tired Diamante Maxi Dress in cream. Again at £150 its more of an investment then a staple.

*If you check out vogue.com there are lots of discount codes for lots of online stores include at www.the-dressingroom.com where you can save 15% with the discount code VOGUEFNI

*For all the dreamers and rich people reading this be sure to take a peek at www.annoushka-jewellery.com The jewellery is just beautiful. I am in love with this ring....If anybody would like to lend me £2900 to buy it I would be very grateful!

*Be sure to check out www.my-wardrobe.com throughout this evening as many fashion insiders will be talking us through their wardrobes....not to be missed!

*Urban outfitters are also in on the action, offering 20% off women's coats with the discount code FNI. I am loving this Renewal Remade Trench and with the discount it is a bargain at £44.

*Also worth a look is www.wrightandteague.com Although a little pricey for a student, this Bee necklace at £250 is on my Christmas wish list.

*To see all the online retailers taking part as well as their discount codes and give aways please check out www.vogue.co.uk/fashions-night-in/participating-retailers I am going to continue writing my dream wish list and following whats happening while trying not to give into my compulsive shopping needs. Be sure to check it out.