A little window into my world

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Oh, hello!

So I set up this blog in the summer but have failed up put anything on it just yet due to busy busy and I guess slightly lazy times, but I am all over it now. This whole thing will probably turn into a miss-match bunch of writing and thoughts about fashion and culture, and probably other less interesting observations about life. I have actually have plenty and plenty of thoughts to be shared on here that I have been sorting and noting in various places. Once I get with it I will gather them and share, but in the meantime I will fill this space with odds and ends of dribble like this.

I figured as a first blog I should try and describe a bit about myself, and my style and such, sooooo here goes. I love fashion, art, music, and all creative things. I could spend hours walking around galleries and looking at photographs. Nothing can beat an afternoon of getting lost in my design work, and flicking though magazines such as 'Pop' or 'Wonderland' in search of inspiration. Creativity is the most important thing to me, and I love the freedom to express yourself it gives you. I am an aspiring fashion show producer as well as a swimwear and sportswear designer, and I hope to go over to NYC next year to try and make a career for myself.

Aside from fashion and creative things, I am a complete news junkie. I love knowing whats going on in the world and being aware of my environment. I love watching documentaries and factual programmes. Knowledge and learning are important to me. This year I am going to try and learn to speak french as fluently as possible as I would love to be able to go and work there one day. I'm not actually sure how this will happen, but I am going to make it work somehow.

That's about as much as I can be bothered to write about myself, I guess my thoughts might make a more interesting read, or perhaps be just as dull, who knows?! Until next time...