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Monday, 8 March 2010

A Shaded View on Fashion

London Fashion week is one of the most important weeks in each annual calender. For us who are aspiring to do well in fashion it is a prime placement opportunity and a chance to network with the elite of the fashion world. It certainly has provided me with many an amazing moment. From watching the likes of daisy Lowe walk for Pam Hogg, to working at the On/Off 10th season celebrating party. But there is one moment for me that really makes me think about how lucky I am to have had such amazing opportunities.

Diane Pernet is a prominent figure in the fashion world. Someone once said, "Whats an event without Diane? Nothing". This is very true. The fashion critic and video journalist could be seen all over London fashion week while I worked there. Perhaps at the time I was a little naive as to the significance she has and the amazing opportunity I had to take a short walk with her and talk to her on a one to one basis.

It was only a block or two that we walked, but there was something about her that was so inviting and warm. She spoke so openly to me stopping many times along the way when she ran into people she knew from the industry. It was apparent me to how well known and liked she was. She was on the way to a friends fashion show, saying that while she would usually go to the Jaeger show with a crowd, it was important to support someone she believed in. She spoke of living in Paris and an accident she had once had. She was so grateful for me taking the time to walk her to the show she was looking for. You expect people of such importance to be self contained but she was so open. Even her voice had something about it, a husky quiet that said she was a fashion veteran with out her saying anything at all.

Her style is truly individual and her career vast. I can only hope that I become even a tiny bit as successful as her. She has a degree in Film making and communication, but ran her own successful fashion brand 'Diane Pernet' for 13 years before moving to Paris. She held positions such as editor for Joyce magazine, worked for Elle.com and vogueparis.com, and then in 2005 launched her weblog, A shaded view on fashion. This is followed world wide by people wanting a window into the fashion world. She has also worked as Co-editor-in-chief for Zoo magazine. To have met someone with such an amazing body of work is so inspiring.

It was probably one of the most insignificant events in her life but something i will remember for a long time. I seriously recommend everyone take a look at www.ashadedviewonfashion.com