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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Artful Volume

In my final year at Uni we were set a group project to design a collection of jackets. This was the first time we had collaborated with other students, and I guess while some of us found it a boost, some people really struggled to work within a team. I personally love collaboration. While compromise is a big part of it, it also means that you can bounce ideas off each other and inspire each other creatively. It was actually because of this project that I found my promoter for my final major project.

To begin with we all had different design aesthetics and ideas about what we wanted to do. Our promoter Abby managed to pull together all our ideas under one trend branch. We debated between a number of trends, but landed on the idea of artful volume. There was so many avenues of visual research and we were able to explore our own concepts and bring them together base don the idea of our designs having at least one voluminous aspect.

I decided to base the main body of my research on architecture with secondary research looking at product design, and random images that incorporate volume. Taking shapes from my research i focused on making my designs voluminous in different ways. Over sized collars, cape like designs, pulled in waistlines with flared out skirts are developed through out my design work. We decided to use berry and plumb colours, with pine greens and greys to create a warm colour scheme for Autumn/Winter 09/10.

We developed a strong target market for our collection and aimed it at an e-tail easy access market. These jackets are for the professional city girl to go from office to evening. They are high fashion and unique pieces made using the finest wools, and silk linings.

I love the way our collection turned out. I will try and find my line up photos soon to show you the overall collection, but for the moment these shots we used for our marketing work will have to do. Hope you like them.