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Sunday, 7 March 2010

The big 21

In my first blog on here I said about how I was hoping to move to NYC this year to persue a career in fashion. Sinse I posted this I have had a massive change of heart and done a complete 180. I am now in the process of applying to go back to university to do my top-up year. While I still really would love to go and work in NYC i just feel that now is not the right time and want to explore my creative side more and continue to develop my out of the water brand. Once I have completed my studies I will look to make the leap and go to work abroad.

While I am not looking to move there this year, I would still love to go and get a feel for the city. What better reason to go then for my 21st birthday?! Me and my boyfriend found a bargain deal and are flying out for 5 days in June to celebrate in style. I am sooo excited not only for a much needed holoiday, but also to visit what I imagine to be a busy and inspiring city. A city inspired swimwear collection would be so interesting for Autumn/Winter 2010. The 'volume' and colour of the city, and city scape would be soo visually inspiring.

I know its months away but I am sooo excited. For now I guess perving on images online will have to do.


P.s. Andy if you read this the perfect birthday gift for the perfect birthday trip....