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Monday, 13 September 2010

Something special from Wales

In preparation for returning to University I was set a mini sort of dissertation to complete. It was all about the use of multi media technology in the promotion, exhibition and display of contemporary fashion, which was actually really interesting if not a little bit frustrating at times as I am definitely not a technology person. Technology aside, the concepts behind the use of some of it is very interesting, particularly the use of it by Welsh designer Gareth Pugh.

For his Autumn/Winter 2009 collection,Pugh presented his catwalk show in video form. The Video which was made in collaboration with Ruth Hogben was launched during Paris Fashion week and has since been posted all over the Internet including on popular video sharing website youtube.com. When I first saw this I was mesmerised and I am still in love with it now. The video is beautiful and it puts Pugh's clothes into a context that makes them make sense, something not always understood about his collections on a traditional catwalk. The movement of clothes with the combination of the music and editing makes this video memorable for all the right reasons.

Check it out....