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Monday, 7 June 2010

Time to breathe

I have been stupidly busy recently, trying to figure out whats next which means this blog has again been put on the back burner. I have a few minutes to breathe and so thought a little update was in order which my explain my absence from this blog.

After finding out that I got back into university, supposedly with an unconditional offer they have served me with a nice report to get me back into the swing of things. As excited as I am to go back there is something not quite so rousing about multi-media technology and exhibitions, fact! Please someone slap me with some inspiration to get this done! As well as this delightful essay a slightly more exciting thing that needs to be addressed is arranging a 3 month placement with a company. I am so bi-polar when it comes to deciding what i would like to do for these months. I am currently torn between sportswear design/ high end women's wear design, and something such as events or buying. To be honest my thoughts will have changed my next week, so we will see where this goes but the idea of spending 3 months in the industry excites me. The placement they suggested for me is in California so if anyone would like to give me lots of money to go, that would be amazing, thanks!

Away from the university thing that is taking up the proportion of my thinking time, is my summer travels. I am unbelievably excited and now have made firm plans! In just a weeks time I will be flying to NYC to celebrate my 21st birthday. As well as doing the usual tourist things such as visiting the statue of liberty and empire state building I will be doing a lot of fashion spotting. I have sussed out all of the fashion hot spots, and will be hitting them up big time. I am taking more spending money then i even spent on the trip so I am very excited. As well as this I am going to meet with Andy's friend for a trip to the Hampton's for some summer drinking and fun. If your going to do New York, might as well do it properly, yes!

As if the trip of my dreams is not enough in just 7 weeks I am leaving for a 6 week adventure in Europe. Leaving on July 30th and coming back on September the 10th we have planned out our route and now I just want to go! We are starting in Brussels and then going to Avignon, Geneva, Milan, Florence, Venice, Rome, Athens, Halkidiki, Istanbul, Sofia, Transylvania, Budapest, Vienna, Salzberg, Prague, Krakow, Munich and Berlin. I love Europe, especially in the summer and the fashion is going to amazing. I am hoping to find a massive amount of inspiration for next year design wise but 6 weeks of sun, good food, and beautiful landscape is going to be amazing too. Lush times ahead.

Aside from all this planning and booking and spending of money I have been polishing off my portfolio and trying to get everything in order ready to go back to university in September. I am not going to lie the thought of going back is a little scary. I don't really know anyone who will be in my classes, and will be the new girl all over again. I think it's kind of a blessing too as I will be less distracted and hopefully produce some amazing work and land some sort of killer job when I graduate again. I guess we will see if this actually is the reality when I go back.

Anyways, enough ramble, I will try and update this blog with things more and more. It has been a welcome distraction from everything that i have been doing to write this so i will probably overload on blogging so keep checking for updates.